No Deposit Bonus Formula: Just A Trick Or A Truth?

Those who approach the world of online games often find themselves confronted with the words “no deposit bonus”, but understanding what it is is not always simple or obvious. Yet it is a promotion proposed by many casinos, even the best ones, in order to try out their platform and the services it offers, thus practicing with the various games. When it comes to an online casino, the explanation of no deposit bonuses is sometimes concise and unclear, this is because many assume that those who log in have some experience with this type of site, but this is not always the case.

This solution basically allows you to play without having invested anything, using free welcome chips offered by the casino itself. These can be used as if they were real money in the various casino games and also allow, with a little luck, to win. It is obvious that no company does not give anything for nothing, so there are very precise rules governing this type of formula. This, considered by some to be a scam, is not at all: just think of restaurants and shops that offer discount coupons for a minimum cost or only on specific products. The situation is the same.

If you register at a casino site and play, for example, slots using the welcome chips provided by the company, you are essentially playing free slot machines . To do so, in fact, it is not necessary to shell out a single cent, even if registration is usually required how to find my followers on facebook. This must be done by attaching your identity document (it is required by law!) And providing your data: the AAMS must in fact be able to control users. After registering, the user finds the credit given by the casino in his purse, with which to have fun with the different games offered. Normally it is about a hundred euros, but the amount is variable.

Once the bonus has been used, in case of a win, it is simply not possible to withdraw the money, but to do so a minimum number of plays ( playthrough ) is required: it is marketing. If not, the promotion would make no sense to exist and would only be a loss-making investment for these companies. In these terms, the no deposit bonus is an advantage for the player who will actually use the gaming platform from time to time and in any case only at an early stage.

To get to touch the paper money with your own hand thanks to the winnings with the online casino, it is necessary to play and invest at least a few euros. Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to transfer the winnings of the bets obtained with donated tokens. It doesn’t matter so much the amount of the bets, but the number of plays, as already mentioned.

After using the bonus or in any case if you do not wish to take advantage of it, you can make a cash deposit with your credit card. This obviously after the registration and approval of the profile: the aams, as mentioned, has the task of monitoring the profiles of the players, making sure that they are of age and must be able to see any movement of money, incoming or outgoing.

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