What Is A Live Casino And Why Is It To Be Preferred

Playing in the casino is something very nice and fun that attracts a lot of people. However, not everyone is able to physically go to the various casinos present and which are not always easy to reach. This is why over time live casinos were born, or platforms that allow you to live an experience very comparable to the one you live playing in real ones .

In particular, on these sites a player can feel just as if he is sitting in the casino. In fact, you can watch the games live and above all through the PC webcam you can literally feel catapulted into a casino. And you can experience the thrill of dealing with a dealer who will put into practice the desired bets which suggests the reason for such rampant success for online casino platforms that they have become a real chance of winning.

There are a number of advantages to consider, starting with the perception of the game. Seeing the dealer moving the cards or throwing the roulette ball is undoubtedly a certainty . And this pushes him to feel protected without going into any kind of predetermined game.

On the other hand, one of the most widespread fears in players is that of feeling in a certain way deceived by the bets made on online casino platforms. This is why it is fair to point out that we are certainly not talking about software that allows you to start the game, but about a real person visible through a webcam. Transparency is therefore total .

Some strategies for winning at the live casino

We must start with some “tricks” to pay attention to and which will allow you to study the best moves to implement your play. The deck of cards on the ground, for example, is shuffled after a certain number of hands in live casinos and not on every hand. This means that by taking live blackjack , until the deck is reshuffled the player will be able to memorize the various cards that have come out. This will increase the odds of winning.

To better understand the meaning of what has been said, you can start from an example: playing even and odd with the dealer who shuffles 10 cards, or those ranging from 1 to 10. When he asks what you intend to bet on, it is possible choose between even and odd with a probability of success of 50% each.

If you bet randomly, you could choose to play evenly and if you roll a 5 you would lose. The game continues and the dealer does not shuffle the cards on the next spin so the odds are higher (4 odd, 5 even). This still exposes you to a percentage of risk of defeat, but certainly lower than at the beginning. And especially in this game, the help of human memory is fundamental.

Obviously it should also be noted that this “trick” can be useful to increase the odds of winning at the live casino, but not at roulette or slot machines that do not provide historical memory of the plays.

On the other hand, it is evident that the companies that have decided to bet on online casinos have greatly made the game exciting thanks to this mnemonic system: by avoiding shuffling the cards at each play, it is possible to make sure that the same is unbalanced or in favor of the dealer. or the player. All without absolutely predicting scams, insanities or any other type of trick already established.

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